Sonya Rhen is the author of the humorous Shredded Orphans series of science fiction novels, short stories and poetry. She was born, raised and still resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children. She also shares her home with an ancient cat and two high maintenance dogs.

She tries to add humor to her writing whenever she can. “Space Tripping With the Shredded Orphans” is her debut novel and the first book in her ‘Shredded Orphans’ series.

Amazon Reviews

“I’m not a Sci fi fan, but this book was a delight. The characters are rich, and complex, and their private mission is something that we all can relate to. From the beginning they are on an adventure as they crash on a planet that appears to have only one city. What a shock to learn that there is so much more.”
“What a world…cool rockin fun! (My favorite in the group was Ophelia. ) lots of shenanigans and cool trapeze stunts by Ophelia. Loved it!”
“The author has created a world of clever characters that live in a world of puns and cliches come alive like musicians who will “rock your world”, slaves to fashion (merchandising) and standing on line for days (literally). It draws you in to see what the diverse cast of characters will do next.and what fun turn of phrase or situation will happen next. “