All our lists, notes, and detailed plans fall away when chaos visits us. Our best and worst experiences create the tales of our lives.

This gathering of stories from the Writers Cooperative creative geniuses gives a glimpse of life’s surprise twists.

Dive in and enjoy this varied collection today!

Murderers. Demons. Ghosts. Sasquatch. Vampires. Just another day in the Pacific Northwest.

Your chances of survival? Slim.

Under the drizzling skies of Mirror Point and Way’s End, visitors and natives alike find everything is not as it seems. A bucolic paradise on the surface with shadowy creatures lurking in the woods. Discover ancient beasts, faceless evil, modern-day monsters, and restless souls eager for revenge. Menace waits behind a smiling face and the lure of technology. Pull up a chair for a bite and much much more!

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Keep the lights on! The real danger is the one you don’t see coming.

Cats. Cults. Witches. Werewolves. Sasquatch. You’ve come back for volume 2? Oh, we do like the adventurous types!

A little jaunt through town. Enjoy delicacies at our Centennial Fest. Play in our woods. There’s just something about Mirror Point and Way’s End that grabs at your soul.

Dive deep into Spirit Lake. Let your feet dangle and allow the cool water to kiss the underside of your neck, if you dare. Volume 2 brings the chills! Jump right in and have a monstrously good time!

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But remember to keep your lights on! It’s the only way they know you’re home!

This wonderful Holiday Sampler of heartwarming stories and poems offers delights from the authors of the Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest. The collection transports you from toe tapping, belly chuckling, and heart rending to wheels turning thoughtfulness. Holiday Sampler blankets you with reads to cozy up with in front of a fire and get you in the holiday spirit.

The Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest gathers together authors from Everett, Washington and the surrounding areas to exchange their expertise on the writing game. We eagerly share with other writers as our belief in what helps one, helps us all.