Janis Hutchinson is an award-winning author of both fiction and nonfiction, graduated Summa Cum Laude with B.th and M.A. degrees in Theology, and was awarded “Writer of the Year” (2008) by the American Christian Writers Association. A former (very active), member of the mainline Mormon Church for 35 years and 2 years in Mormon Fundamentalist organizations, she is in demand as a speaker on Christian radio and TV, and lives near Seattle, Washington.

Amazon Reviews

(Fiction) “Unfinished Justice is a thriller. It’s story line grabs your interest and holds you in tantalizing suspense until the very end. The basic facts are true. The inhumane cruelty inflicted upon these prisoners and their appalling living conditions were fully researched and accurately portrayed. Some parts have been fictionalized to provide missing details. Janis Hutchinson is a highly respected friend I have known for decades. One interesting fact I learned in conversation with her about this novel is that she includes herself in the story.”
(Fiction) “This isn’t an easy book, it has kept me awake night after night. The injustice of it all, and the details are well thought out, and I would swear this was all true and happening right now. You can’t help but identify with Ed and his ongoing battle with a truly bad man.”
(Non-Fiction) “If you only buy one book about the LDS church & it’s teachings, The Mormon Missionaries is the book to have. It is easy to read, filled with pages of notes at the end of the book so you can do further research, and very clear about the current and past teachings of this ‘church’. If you are thinking about joining, if you are taking their studies, if you have a friend or family member in this church & want to learn more, this is the book to have. It’s probably my favorite one of all the books I have on the LDS church. Fabulous!”