I am fascinated by the many worlds within our world, that we often do not notice. My experience in the Peace Corps in Zaire in the late 70’s helped me question every norm.

Later, I worked in the field of Mental Health/Addictions in California at a street emergency shelter, then County Mental Health, then a University Medical Center, and finally at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, before moving to the cornfields of Illinois and serving Veterans at a V.A. Medical Center.

I had the privilege of hearing about the struggles of celebrities, bikers, walking wounded Veterans, nurses, felons, farmers, prostitutes, athletes, professors, musicians, etc. Being a therapist gave me insight into many lives from a housewife with insomnia to a strange ranger who walked the streets with a suitcase full of Barbie dolls.

Writing gave me an outlet for the emotional stress of my job. I created a world within worlds that thrived by keeping the true nature of the inhabitants, secret.

My family and friends have been very supportive. Through breast cancer, Lupus, and becoming a young widow they always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Writing about vampires may not be everyone’s life goal but it works for me.

Just try and imagine how you might react to finding out Vampires exist, and that they have a special interest in you. What if someone entered your life and caused you to question everything you had once taken for granted. What if you realized they had always been there, but you just had not paid attention to them. Would you tell them to go to hell, then realize that might not be possible?

**Miranda is each of us struggling to make sense of an insane world while sipping coffee.**

Susan Sipping Coffee-150wWe have two rescued cats, the Tabby brothers, a Lab Retriever with criminal instincts, and a Pug who has a very high opinion of herself. Taking care of critters helps me not take myself too seriously.

I married a widower who accepts my obsession with shoes, and has spent months helping with editing and technical stuff. Behind every writer are many people who help make the book happen, even if they don’t always realize their contribution.

Amazon Reviews

“Rare Blood, book one of the Miranda Chronicles trilogy, is also the first novel of author Susan Old. The story begins with the making of an ancient bargain between a Templar Knight and an “Assassin of the Night”. Rare Blood traces how this pact is being played out in modern times.”
“This is a cross between twilight and vampire diaries. The story develops nicely and the main character Miranda is at times loveable and other times undesirable and easy to hate. That combination makes her the perfect star of this adventure. I enjoy a good vampire story and this one did not disappoint me at all.”
“I must admit I never thought I’d laugh through a vampire story. Rare Blood is one of those rare stories with surprising vampire humor and unnerving vampire action. “