I love to write! Ever since I was a kid, bored with school, I’ve been making up stories. Eventually I became a journalist, got married, had kids, adopted rescue dogs and started writing books in earnest under my own name, Susan Brown, as well as four co-authored with Anne Stephenson using the pen-name of Stephanie Browning.

All my books are rife with adventure, characters you will love, and page-turning suspense. These cool reads are realistic books for 9-12 year olds, for teens, and fantasies that range from 10 to 100 in their appeal. Foster kids, dragons, lost dogs, and every other kind of excitement race through these books’ pages.

For adults, collections of short stories about life and love are available on-line. And as Stephanie Browning, books full of love and fun are published under the name Stephanie Browning.

Amazon Reviews

“Fantastical and yet so real! I loved it! Kit is so strong in heart and soul. Susan is a wonderful storytelling writer. I highly recommend this book. I picked it up for free but it’s so good I plan to buy the next one.”
“This is a wonderful coming of age/ finding yourself type of story! The characters were interesting and it was a fun read!”
“Wonderful book for the adolescent reader, and I’m wondering why it’s not a classroom set in the local middle school.”