Stephanie Larkin is a Pacific Northwest author who writes nonfiction books, short stories, and
poetry. Her nonfiction books examine topics as diverse as refugee resettlement, Alzheimer’s,
brain cancer, developmental trauma, and grief. Her unique writing style blends her own
experiences with research conducted by experts, as well as her university studies in education
and psychology. She also co-authored the first phrasebook ever published in the U.S. for an
endangered African Bantu language (Chizigula).

Amazon Reviews

“This is a fascinating book of reaching out to a refugee community in Boise, Idaho. The people the author meets and works with are real, and Stephanie Larson brings so much light to their life and struggles.”
As a senior “senior” I have lost many close friends and relatives including my wife and son over the past few years. Most all of us have dealt with the sadness of losing a loved one as well as a pet so we all know grief is a subject that is not easy to deal with. This book makes you feel like you’re not alone in all the feelings that come with it. I liked the way the author told her personal story along with her extensive research on grief.
You may not have had a loss of a loved one but know someone who is struggling with theirs. This will be a wonderful gift to give to them, help them in their recovery and open the door for them to be able to talk about what they’re feeling and going through.