Matthew Buza is a part-time author, podcaster, reader, and full-time stay-at-home dad. I’m a Podcast Junkie and addicted to non-fiction storytelling and radio dramas. He has been known to dabble in the Belgian Trappist Beers when finishing his latest novel.

He dabbles across genres touching Urban Fantasy, Dark Occult, Science Fiction, and Horror sprinkled throughout. His wife desperately wants him to write things that don’t spook her.

Amazon Reviews

“A jolly fun journey to Hell and back, a good entertaining, time passing read, I recommend this book very highly.”
“Loved it. Just the right dosage of everything. I recommand that trilogy. Can’t wait to read more of Matthew Buza books.”
“What a wild ride; I think I’m gonna have nightmares! Necromantia is kind of like a cross between Supernatural and Angels & Demons.”