Christine Gustavson-Udd was born and raised in Minnetonka, Minnesota, where she lived until getting married, and then moved to the Pacific Northwest.
For her bachelor’s degree, she studied art-mostly acrylic painting, at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus.
She earned an Elementary Education Residential Teaching Certificate at Western Washington University, Everett campus and a Master of Education in K-8 Curriculum and Instruction at City University, Everett campus.

She enjoys writing and illustrating stories for children.
She used her daughter at age 7 for a model in her book My Life as a Raincoat, which she co-wrote with her aunt.
She used the complaints of her bored teenaged son, on a trip to see Old Faithful, as the basis for The Stinks Like Crap Squad, and gives him top billing in the credits- but don’t ask him about it, he’s still embarrassed by it!

Her books have positive messages for kids- perseverance, courage and self-reliance.

Amazon Reviews

“A children’s book with a new character for children to adore. It’s entertainment and learning all in one. You child will love it.”
“This was an adorable book and showed how Melvin changed…in a very cute way.”
“Fun to read about a brave caterpillar facing fear and overcoming it. Children will enjoy this adventure and learn how to be brave, too.”