Late in the winter of 1989, Edward Sergoyan–snowshoeing in the Cascade Mountains of Western Washington–discovered a young boy wandering alone in the woods. Clothed in makeshift furs and skins, caked in mud, with long hair and nails, the boy was unable to communicate via any fashion other than grunts and wild gestures. Edward rushed the boy to the hospital where medical professionals and local law enforcement spent weeks analyzing his state and trying to match him with missing persons cases to no avail. Though unable to determine his precise age or how long he’d been alone in the wilderness, most subscribed to the belief that the boy had been on his own for most, if not all of his young life. How he had survived the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest has remained a mystery to this day.

Edward and Lynda Sergoyan later adopted the boy and named him Andrenik. Through much care and extensive therapy, Andrenik learned to read and write and strived to acclimate with modern society. Still, the road to normality was long and winding, but through his writing he found the means to release the demons which continued to haunt him, revenants left behind by the wilderness he once called home and the assuredly horrific things he experienced as a young boy.

Today, Andrenik lives in the small, quiet town of Snohomish Washington in the foothills of the very mountains he once roamed and hunted in as a young, feral boy.

Amazon Reviews

“I love this series beginning. Book one is superbly written, full of action and fascinating descriptions of the world created by this author. The characters are interesting and well fleshed out. Many twists and turns to follow and keep you glued to the pages for the duration. A deep lexicon at the end of this episode delves further into the elaborate world the author has created, providing insights without giving spoilers. Races full of various castes and multiple creatures have been well considered and formed for this world that is only slightly reminiscent of Middle Earth.”
“This was a wonderful book that I read through in short order.
Mr. Sergoyan has created a compelling world where his characters travel.
The individual adventures and travails of Pippa and Daniel are thoroughly engrossing.”
“This book is EPIC! If you enjoy the power struggle of battling nations, incredible characters, and a mythical sword that is destined for greatness, than this is the book for you. It’s also a great source of ideas for any D&D players out there. Find great ideas for character as well as campaign ideas for DM’s all over this book. This book won’t disappoint.”